My current body of work is an exploration of materiality and form, manifested as paper wall sculptures and enamel paintings, usually presented on stretched canvas.  Each medium possesses its own inherent possibilities and limitations.  Rather than forcing the materials to yield to my will, I coax paint and paper into forms which are presaged by loose studies.  These artworks embrace boundaries and prospects, receptive to creative happenstance.  Metaphorically, my process mimics the unpredictable quality of nature.

     The depicted forms are abstractions of natural systems.  Circles and spirals are in fact, scaled-down eddies, tornadoes, ocean currents and similar forces of nature.  The shapes are simultaneously evocative of smaller life forms such as viruses, seashells or fiddleheads.  My classroom is the natural world, my laboratory - the studio.  Spending a large amount of my time outdoors, I am constantly observing and absorbing new inspiration for my work.